QUBES is a fun puzzle game where you have to push the boxes to their happy places.

Use the arrows to move around.

R to restart the level.

Space Bar to go to the next level, after you finished.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorVictor Ribeiro
TagsCute, Sokoban

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Nice one, here is my, hopefully helpful criticism:
- the sound and music are not great, they don't fit with the game (may be personal opinion based on taste)
- the puzzles may be a bit too easy if you are not always trying to get the smaller number of moves
- the puzzles seam a bit to similar after you completed a few, maybe it would be nice to add a secondary mechanic to spice things up, or change art style here and there
- I could really use an undo key, so I could try something out without having to restart

And that's that.


Thank you. I'll consider your feedback on the next update.


Nice great time killer and very addictive good job


I'm stuck on 152, aahhg!!


good game I enjoyed thanks here is my playthrough 


Thank you a lot. Really funny review. =)